martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Comienzo del Ciclo "Rock&Doc" producido por Biciman

El viernes 24 de junio a las 20 hs. comienza el Ciclo de Audiovisuales "Rock&Doc" producido por Biciman. Constará de una primera media hora de cortometrajes (musicales, ciclistas, animados) y luego se proyectará un documental biográfico sobre algunas de las figuras que marcaron a fuego el arte contemporáneo. Este viernes por tratarse de la inauguración del Ciclo, se estrenará un documento inédito, que describe la vida y obra de un ícono del rock de vanguardia norteamericano de los setenta, documental que será próximamente publicado en el blog "Sex and the bici". La entrada es gratuita. Se adjuntan links con info del evento, del bar, y un spot publicitario.

>Info Evento [Facebook]
>Info La Cigale [Blogspot]
>Spot [Vimeo]

miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011


Hola amigos los esperamos en la nueva Cigale,el miércoles 22 de junio a partir de las 22 hs para disfrutar de esta interesante confluencia de performers novedosos y artistas visuales.Buena música y ambiente. ENTRADA LIBRE


lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

Nota publicada por The Argentina Independent

La Cigale

La Cigale bar (Photo: Melissa Riggall)
Arguably the prospect of a bar named after a cricket-like insect isn’t as appealing as it could be but this place is worth looking up if you’re in downtown Buenos Aires and looking for something to get the weekend underway.
Like everything in Argentina Saturday nights get off to an unhurried start, with barflies cluttering the bar and gradually filling up as it gets later and the music gets louder. Things really get going from around 12.30am with DJs and bands playing until the early hours of the morning.
German, a bartender at La Cigale says that idea is that musicians and revellers are “cara a cara” or face to face and gigs are something of an intimate affair upstairs in the live music area. Later the band members mingle with the crowd downstairs.
Marketing itself a touch of Paris in South America the bar claims to make the best Mojito in town and when its founders arrived from Europe they undertook to provide locals and travellers with the best cocktails in Buenos Aires. While that’s a tall order to fulfil, there is no doubt that at the very least they are some of the strongest and most exotic tipples on offer.
As well as a robust selection of wines, beers and classics like Margaritas and Pisco Sours there are also more mysterious offerings like the Latin Lover (Tequila, cachaca, lemon, lime, pineapple), Tiger Milk (Bacardi, horcheta, pineapple) and ‘Be Like Water’ (Baileys, Tía Maria, pineapple, banana).
It’s also worth mentioning that in case you’re brave enough to try a shot named after a cockroach, this is the place to pick up a Cucaracha slammer (Tequila, Tía Maria, contreau)…and the best of luck with that.
Too many cockroach slammers and you’ll probably be wanting to soak up some of the goodness with a little snackette. Luckily there are plenty on offer. The food menu offers a simple selection of picadas and nibbles to share and the kitchen is open late.
La Cigale bar (Photo: Melissa Riggall)
Oddly the seating is reminiscent of a train station waiting room and is rather at odds with the old colonial architecture. Other than that La Cigale is an elegant little shindig with deep blue walls, checkered floor tiles and a long sweeping bar topped with under-lit red glass mosaic tiles. A black wrought iron staircase with dark wood banisters curls up to the upper floor and there is a white stone balcony looking down onto the street below for smokers.
Upstairs, plum-coloured curtains and glitter balls suspended over the room with DJs and bands playing make for an intimate gig space in the early hours of the morning.
“We have everyone in here – from 20 to 60-year-olds, there’s a real mixture and muy buena onda,” says German.
Don’t fret if you can’t make it for a Saturday – the bar offers a busy agenda with different vibes on every night of the week except Sunday. Los Lunes están de moda with acoustic sets and local musicians are a good option if you’re kicking your heels on a Monday night, Tuesday is the Noche Frances and Wednesdays are dub nights. Meanwhile if you’re interested in emerging local talent Thursday’s your night to hear new Argentine bands.
With a mixture of local and international clientele, a steam of bands and DJs passing through its doors and cocktails to knock your socks off, La Cigale is a sassy little number – give it a whirl!
La Cigale, 25 de Mayo 597, downtown. Monday-Friday 6pm until late, Saturday and feriados 9pm–4am. Cash only. Dresscode - casual. 4893 2332. Happy hour until 10pm.

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jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

La Cigale en “LeBardo”


Los esperamos en LeBardo Salón Real  (Sarmiento 1272) este Viernes 24 a partir de las 21:00 Hs.

Actuan: Les Mentettes, Leo García, Victoria Mil, Fabián Dellamónica y más. La cita es el viernes 24 de septiembre, a partir de las 20 horas.

El lineup completo de Le Bardo Festival:
Irreal electro & rock
21:45 Les Mentettes
23:15 Leo García
00:45 Victoria Mil
02:15 Le Microkosmos
Djs Pareja / Djs Biscuits
Fabián Dellamónica

Real fusiones
21:00 Chancha Vía Circuito
22:30 Lo Pibitos
00:00 Doña María
01:30 Tremor
Andrés Oddone / Campeón
Humphrey Inzillo / Zurita
Visuales &amp Diseño: Sol del Río / Lucas DM

Fuente: revista Rolling Stone

viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

Apertura de La Cigale

Abrimos el Sábado 18 de Septiembre

Los esperamos

Nueva dirección en 25 de mayo 597

Teléfono: 4893-2332   blog

lunes, 9 de agosto de 2010

Próxima Inauguración

Por medio de este Blog, Facebook o mail les

comunicaremos la reinauguración de La Cigale para Septiembre.

Nueva dirección en 25 de mayo 597

Teléfono: 4893-2332